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Using the C SDK

The KX Insights Platform C SDK can be used to ingest data into the KX Insights Platform over the Reliable Transport (RT) protocol.

Supported Operating Systems

The driver is supported on the following operating systems:

  • CentOS 8 or later
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 or later
  • Ubuntu 18.04 or later


The SDKs are only supported on Linux running on x86 architectures. We currently do not support Windows or OsX.


The kxi-c-sdk-${VERSION}.zip file, located on Nexus, contain everything required to use the C SDK. No installation is required, just download the zip file and unzip.

Files extracted

├── include
│   └── rt_helper
│       ├── kdb
│       │   ├── k.h
│       │   └── kk.h
│       ├── ksvc_direct_c.h
│       ├── ksvcrt_c.h
│       └── rt_params.h
├── push_client
└── rt_helper_app


Before building a program that uses the C SDK the following pre-requisites are required:

  • C SDK
  • cmake package
  • libssl package
  • libcurl package
  • libcsv package

Using the C SDK in your own application

For details on a sample program which publishes data into the KX Insights Platform see here.