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Release Notes - kdb Insights Enterprise 0.8.0

Initial Alpha Release for kdb Insights Enterprise.

Release Date



[NEW] Secure login & authentication using Keycloak, enabling enrollment and removal of client publishers.

[NEW] Role Based Access Control with roles for pipeline viewing and editing, access to the user interface and the ability to query data.

[NEW] Licensing is via a base install key.

[NEW] Data ingestion via:

  • Publishing from the RT command line interface.

  • Reading from Kafka.

  • Publishing using direct qIPC.

  • Batch ingestion from S3 buckets.

[NEW] The User interface supports creation of stream processor pipelines; including data ingestion and transformation, and presentation in grids/charts. For this release, pipelines can be published, but drafts are only saved to the user’s browser - not to the Insights platform.

[NEW] Data transformations can use q

[NEW] Data transformations can use a limited Python API (built on embedPy)

[NEW] Data can be streamed out via Kafka.

[NEW] Data can be visualized using the insights user interface

[NEW] Data stored in the kdb databases can be accessed via:

  • The user interface using q


[NEW] Application Metrics can be generated which can be monitored via Prometheus and Grafana.


type location

Known Issues

  • On AWS - deployment of infrastructure needs to be targeted at a region that has 3 availability zones - see

  • On AWS(us-east-2) - Due to an issue specific to us-east-2 terraform tries to fetch ec2 information by hitting normally this url should return a single public ip address but within an ec2 instance on us-east-2 region it returns 3 private ips which are not accessible via https. For this reason the application should not be deployed to us-east-2.