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kdb Insights Core 3.2.3

Release Date


KX Core

[NEW] NUC - various changes to

// NUC
// for atom now produces `a when contains single character that is not in (instead of empty sym) e.g.
`a  // (previous version returned `)

// for atom changes are reflected in for tables (as before, it was applied to each column name).
// for tables also has additional logic to cater for duplicate col names (names now appended with 1,2,etc when matched against previous cols) after applying previously defined rules e.g.
q)cols`$("count+";"count*";"count1"))xcol([]1 2;3 4;5 6)
`count1`count11`count12  // (previous version returned `count1`count1`count1)
q)cols`$("aa";"=";"+"))xcol([]1 2;3 4;5 6)
`aa`a`a1  // (previous version returned `aa`1`1)

// now follows the same rule when provided name begins with an underscore as it does when it begins with a numerical character. Previously could produce an invalid column name.
q)cols`$("3aa";"_aa";"_aa"))xcol([]1 2;3 4;5 6)

Object Store

[FIX] qce now works with Data Enablement license instead of throwing the below error:

'Object Storage not licensed 


[FIX] select w/o aggregates performance improvement.

[FIX] Errors when browsing tables in Spotfire information designer have been fixed.

[NEW] pgwire text format now has 1us precision timestamp.

[FIX] q type minute now mapped to pgwire time.