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Discovery Service

Global configuration

The Discovery Global Configuration, acts as central configuration, shared by all consumers of the Discovery service. Configuration setting such as discovery timeouts and heartbeat intervals can be defined here and will therefore be consistent across consumers.

    enabled: true
    useProxy: true
    localReg: true
    registry: "kxi-discovery-service:8761"
    heartbeatSecs: 10
    leaseExpirySecs: 30
    callTimeoutSecs: 10
    maxPeriodRetrySecs: 20
    refreshServicesSecs: 30


Variable Type Example Default
enabled bool true false

Enable the use of Service Discovery in all services within kdb Insights Enterprise where applicable.


Variable Type Example Default
registry string kxi-discovery-service:8761 ""

Target address of the Discovery registry. This is an optional entry to override the default value created during installation. Set localReg to false and provide the new registry location value to use a Discovery Service external to your deployment. This information will bubble into all services utilizing Service Discovery within kdb Insights Enterprise.


Variable Type Example Default
useProxy bool true true

Enable or disable the use of the discovery proxy instance.

With registry undefined, localReg set to true and useProxy set to true, helpers will build a url for registry targeting the Discovery Proxy service. If false, will target the Discovery registry service.


Variable Type Example Default
localReg bool true false

Flag to indicate that the Discovery Registry is being deployed as part of this release.

With registry undefined, and localReg set to true, helpers will build a url for registry. If false, will create a registry url from the registry variable, which may be an empty string.


Variable Type Example Default
heartbeatSecs long 10 30

Defines the rate at which kdb Insights Enterprise services will heartbeat to the Discovery registry.


Variable Type Example Default
leaseExpirySecs long 30 90

Defines the period of time (in seconds) the Discovery registry will wait before evicting a Service after a failed heartbeat.


Variable Type Example Default
callTimeoutSecs long 10 10

Set the timeout value (in seconds) for kurl calls to the Discovery registry/proxy service. Used by all services to ensure timely responses between themselves and the Discovery Registry


Variable Type Example Default
maxPeriodRetrySecs long 20 30

Maximum period of time (in seconds) a service will wait between connection attempts to the Discovery Registry.


Variable Type Example Default
refreshServicesSecs long 30 30

Period of time (in seconds) each service will refresh its local cache of services from the registry.

Service configuration

Service configuration allows the user to override defaults provided for the Discovery service.

  replicaCount: 1
      cpu: 500m
      memory: 512Mi
      cpu: 100m
      memory: 256Mi
    replicaCount: 1
        cpu: 100m
        memory: 128Mi
        cpu: 100m
        memory: 128Mi
variable type default description
replicaCount int 3 No. of Registry pods to run
resources.requests.cpu string 100m Requested CPU for the Registry
resources.requests.memory string 512Mi Requested memory for the Registry
resources.limits.cpu string 500m Max CPU given to Registry
resources.limits.memory string 1024Mi Max Memory given to Registry
discovery-proxy.replicaCount int 3 No. of Proxy pods to run
discovery-proxy.resources.requests.cpu string 100m Requested CPU for the Proxy
discovery-proxy.resources.requests.memory string 128Mi Requested memory for the Proxy
discovery-proxy.resources.limits.cpu string 250m Max CPU given to Proxy
discovery-proxy.resources.limits.memory string 256Mi Max Memory given to Proxy