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kdb Insights Core 3.2.6

Release Date


Object Store

[NEW] Symlink like functionality allowed in inventory files. The meta information was previously stored as a pair of key,size vectors. A 3rd vector has been added that contains the 'realpath'. It is populated from an optional field 'Path' in an inventory file entry.

[FIX] Improved performance of key lookup in inventory files such that the overhead should be negligible.


[FIX] Extract (epoch from time|timespan) now uses 2010.01.01 as date to work around grafana display bug.

[FIX] Grafana query builder is able to list tables.

[NEW] Support for implicit join notation (was previously executed as cross join).

 s)select * from t0,t1,t2 where t0.a=t1.b and t1.c=t2.d