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Release Notes - kdb Insights Enterprise 0.10.0

Beta 2 Release for kdb Insights Enterprise.

Release Date



[NEW] Support for the Kafka Schema Registry has been extended to include dynamic schema updates.

[NEW] Defining ML models can be done using Python.

  • Users can use Python to retrieve either a q or a Python based model from the ML registry.

  • Users can use Python to save either a q or a Python based model from the ML registry.

[NEW] The ANSI SQL support has been extended to include distributed databases. Currently joins are not supported and tables with the same names in different databases MUST have the same columns and properties. As in the previous release these queries are made available via a sandbox to ensure the live database is not modified by the queries.

[NEW] REST API getData function has been enhanced to include:

  • Basic aggregation functions on individual columns (for example: min, max, avg, stdev)
  • Racking and Filling
  • Filtering
  • Time range options, including temporaility

[NEW] Schemas, Streams and Databases can be created and deleted in kdb Insights Enterprise user interface.

[NEW] KX ODBC driver for data ingestion. Enabling data ingestion by applications that support ODBC.

[NEW] KX Java SDK for data ingestion.


type location
infrastructure kxi-terraform-0.1.12.tgz
installation insights-0.10.0.tgz
cli kxicli-0.2.0-py3-none-any.whl
operator kxi-operator-0.2.0-rc.19.tgz
ODBC driver RPM package kodbc-0.1.52-rhel.x86_64.rpm
ODBC driver Debian kodbc-0.1.52.deb
ODBC driver Windows executable kodbc-0.1.52.exe
ODBC driver Windows msi kodbc-0.1.52.msi
ODBC driver sample program
Java SDK rt_client-1.0.0rc6.jar
Java SDK sample program rtdemo-1.0.0rc6-all.jar
Java SDK sample csv file sample.csv

Known Issues

  • The sample assembly yaml files provided specify the same subTopic: "data". To start multiple assemblies in parallel, change the subTopic to a unique value, such as subTopic: "odbc-assembly". The corresponding change will also need to be made when enrolling the client. For example: curl https://${INSIGHTS_HOSTNAME}/clientcontroller/enrol -H "Authorization: Bearer " -d '{ "name": "my-client", "topics": { "insert": "odbc-assembly", "query": "requests" }}'

  • The UI may produce pop-up error messages in various scenarios.

  • The UI does not have Reports available.

  • KXI CLI error handling is currently basic. If the CLI throws a stack trace, use the underlying kubectl command to see the issue more clearly. For example, to see a yaml syntax error returned by a modified basic_assembly.yaml file, run: kubectl apply -f basic_assembly.yaml .

  • KX ODBC driver and Java SDK do not work when using Insights installed on an AWS cluster.

Backward Compatibility

  • If you're upgrading from a previous version or the CRD is already installed, helm will not update the definition automatically. See Operator Overview Helm Warning for details on how to rectify this.