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Image and repository configuration

Image registry details may be shared among all sub charts by updating object.

    repository: ""
    tag: 1.2.3
    pullPolicy: IfNotPresent


Variable Type Example Default
repository string "" ""

The image registry root url. This is then appended to the local .Values.image.component if present, along with the given image tag.


Variable Type Example Default
tag string "1.2.3" ".Chart.AppVersion"

The image tag can be set globally, but this is not advised unless all charts are sharing an image.


Variable Type Example Default
pullPolicy string "Always" "IfNotPresent"

Set the image pull policy for the pod container.

Image Pull Secrets

When using a private image registry, login credentials may be required to pull images at the point of pod deployment. This can be achieved by creating a secret within your cluster. See here for how to create the secret

    - name: image-secret
    - name: image-secret-two
Variable Type Default
imagePullSecrets list []

Global imagePullSecrets are merged with any that are also defined at the local level.