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kdb Insights Core 1.0.2

Release Date



[FIX] Correction to timestamp in GKE fluent agent which caused logs to disappear.


[FIX] Skip unnecessary copy step when using k4.lic and decoding correct license variable

[FIX] Various parsing improvements

[FIX] Fixes to qshell line wrapping

[FIX] Allow docker.include.txt in dockerfiles at build time

[FIX] Tighten up docker daemon checks to allow for minikube and older docker versions

[FIX] Timeout fix for sobuilder step

[FIX] Removed use of -w in docker exec command

[FIX] Allow image build to work with older versions of docker

[FIX] Fixed appending of run/Dockerfile

[FIX] Flag when exists but the permissions are wrong

[FIX] Avoid injection vulnerabilities and support dash in qp.json

[FIX] -it removed from packer docker commands