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License Configuration

Kdb+ On Demand (KOD) license details can be set globally using the object.

    secretName: "license-secret"
    onDemand: false

  enabled: true
    serviceAccountSecret: ""
    provider: ""
    region: ""



variable type example
secretName string "license-secret"

The secretName field is required and should point to a secret containing a valid kdb+ license file. kdb Insights will mount this as a file into each pod at /opt/kx/lic. The license secret can be automatically created as part of the CLI install process or it can be created manually using the command here.


variable type example
onDemand boolean false

Determines the type of license to be used. The default is false and indicates a kx.lic will be uploaded.

To use an on-demand (kc.lic) license, this can be flipped to true. If running with this license mode kxi-acc-svc.enabled should be set to false.


This section of values configures the kxi-acc-svc workload. When using the kdb Insights kx.lic it should be enabled and automatically collects usage data for the application. It can be configured to automatically upload this usage data into object storage for consumption by KX.


For more information on usage data collection and shipping, see the kdb Insights license docs.


variable type example
enabled boolean true

Determines whether to deploy the license accounting service. This is enabled by default and should be used in conjunction with a kx.lic. If using an on-demand kc.lic it should be disabled.


variable type example
serviceAccountSecret string "kxi-license"

This parameter relates to the automatic shipping of kdb Insights usage data back to KX. It is optional and not set by default. If populated, it should point at a k8s secret name with a klic-serviceaccount-token field. The content of this field should be a klic service account token of the form "Bearer ..".

For more information see the self-service licensing docs.


variable type example
provider string ""

This parameter configures which cloud provider the usage data should be written to. Valid values are; aws, azure or gcp [default]. If empty, it will use the default.


variable type example
region string ""

This parameter configures the cloud provider region the usage data should be written to. Valid values are; US [default], GB, EU, AU. If empty, it will use the default.