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kdb Insights Core 3.0.0

Release Date



A new subscription based Licensing model has been introduced. Due to these changes, existing licenses will need to be re-issued. Please contact your KX representative for more information.


Information about the version of kdb Insights is now available from within the core process similar to .z.K/.z.k.

     | ::
Kf   | code
K    | "3.0.0"
k    | 2022.03.09
Kl   | 3145728
major| 3i
minor| 0i
patch| 0i

The following information is available:

  • K semantic version of kdb Insights

  • k build date

  • Kl semantic version as a long

  • major semantic major version

  • minor semantic minor version

  • patch semantic patch number

  • Kf function to convert .comkxic.K to .comkxic.Kl


[FIX] If the payload response from BigQuery included a JSON null a type error occurred.

[FIX] Improved casting performance, especially for large payloads.

Object Store

[FIX] Under certain conditions a garbage prefix was being added to buckets for virtual host path spec, e.g. A.

Requesting bytes=0-21953 from
Raw xml error msg: SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK


[FIX] Various fixes to the sql library