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Service Discovery will be deprecated

Deprecation of Service Discovery

The Service Discovery microservice is to be deprecated and will no longer be available when the 1.8.0 kdb Insights Microservices are released. Older versions of Service Discovery will be available as part of past releases. Patches will be issued as required for critical issues and security vulnerabilities in accordance with KX's Security Standards."

The kdb Insights Discovery Service is a cloud native, scalable registry which stores, manages and distributes running services and their metadata for all other services within the Microservice driven application. It enables architectures to remain dynamic and services to find each other at runtime within highly available cloud environments where services can come up and down often.


The Discovery Service comprises of two key components

  • A Discovery Registry store offering a distributed service registry focused on cloud native architectures.
  • A Discovery API Proxy offering an OpenAPI defined compatibility layer. This ensures no matter what the backend registry store technology is, the API will be consistent.

Discovery architecture

There currently exists two main ways to interact with the Discovery Service

  • Open API REST interface.

    Clients can interact with the Discovery Service with a known and defined Open API spec.

  • Service client sidecar

    kdb Insights services utilise a client library and a sidecar to provide optimised communication with the Discovery Services. This offers off-main-thread heartbeating and advanced utilities to take the burden of interacting with the Discovery Service away from the application process