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Configuring operators


Modify the behavior of an operator

.qsp.use opts


name q type description
opts dictionary Custom configuration options.

Returns a dictionary of custom configuration options.

Many operators have options which are not positional arguments. Instead, they are included as a dictionary as the last argument, with .qsp.use marking it as a special parameter. .qsp.use can also be used to pass in positional arguments.

In the following expressions, sort is an options which must be passed in using the .qsp.use dictionary. period and function can be positional arguments, or passed in as options. As such, the following expressions are equivalent.

.qsp.window.tumbling[00:00:01; `time; .qsp.use ``sort!11b]
.qsp.window.tumbling[.qsp.use (!) . flip (
    (`period;       00:00:01);
    (`timeColumn;   `time);
    (`sort;         1b))];

Common Options

There are three options common to many operators. name can be used by all operators, and state and params can be used by any operator referencing them in their options list.

state sets the initial state for stateful operators. This state can be retrieved or modified using .qsp.get and .qsp.set.

params is a symbol or list of symbols specifying which parameters are passed to an operator's main function, as well as their order. These can be any of operator, metadata, or data, and can also include operator specific parameters, if they are specified in that operator's documentation. For operators where params defaults to `data, including a state option will change the default params to `operator`metadata`data. Note that metadata cannot currently be used as the sole parameter. A second data parameter will be implicitly added.

name is common to all operators and can be used to set the id of an operator.

Create a pipeline that creates a publish callback, and sends data to a stateful map:

// Create some example data
data: ([] timestamp: .z.p + 00:00:00.1 * til 30; price: 30?100)

// The metadata for a node can be retrieved with the `params` option:
addWindowStart: {[md; data] update start: md`window from data }

// Take a running total of the window and maintain the state
aggregate: {[op; md; data] .qsp.set[op; md] .qsp.get[op; md] + sum data`price };

// The metadata added by the window operator can be accessed by the map
// by specifying the `params` field, adding the `md` (metadata) argument
// to the user defined function.
    .qsp.window.tumbling[00:00:01; `timestamp][addWindowStart; .qsp.use``params!(::; `metadata`data)];

// Runs the stream with a split to print the intermediate results as well as an
// aggregated result. (
    stream .qsp.write.toConsole[];
        // When `state` is set, the operator becomes stateful, and its function is automatically
        // provided the operator and metadata as arguments.[aggregate; .qsp.use `name`state!(`MyAggregator; 0f)]
        .qsp.write.toConsole["Running total: "]

publish data
                             | timestamp                     price    start
-----------------------------| --------------------------------------------------------------------
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300 51.14424 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209301 48.9294  2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209302 78.87772 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209303 40.96236 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209304 76.77878 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209305 16.01048 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209306 99.31063 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209307 11.61313 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209308 37.77495 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
2021.10.02D11:54:10.622299200| 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209309 97.89015 2021.10.02D11:54:09.614209300
Running total: 2021.10.02D11:54:10.623336100 | 559.2918

Since the name was set explicitly for the map node, the state held in the node can be queried externally:

`:worker:5000 (`.qsp.get; `MyStatefulApply; ::)
curl worker:5000/state/MyStatefulApply