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Response headers

Startup a q server on localhost 8081, and message it and display the response headers on the client.

server:hsym `$":localhost:",port
system "q -p ",port
loginfo:{show enlist (.z.p; x);}

// Sleep to wait for port to come up
loginfo "Waiting for port to come online"
system "sleep 1"

// Setup remote server that stays up for ~10 seconds
server (set;`.z.pp; {.h.hy[`json] .j.j `a`b`c!1 2 3})
server (set;`.z.ts; {[start;x] if[x > start + 00:00:10; exit 0]; }[.z.p;])
server (system;"t 1000")

// Query server using advanced option for including response headers
request_headers:enlist["Content-Type"]!enlist "application/json"
body:.j.j `hello`world!1 2
opts: `response_headers`headers`body!(1b;request_headers;body)
resp:.kurl.sync ("http://localhost:8081";`POST;opts)
show "\r\n" vs last resp