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Licensing overview

All KX products require a license.

KX require that self-managed commercial customers audit their RAM capacity for their deployment type, to comply with the KX Software Usage Terms.

The self-service licensing model previously in use for KX products has been deprecated. Contact your sales representative if you have questions about this, and wish to discuss moving to the new model.

License types

  • Trial - these are generated automatically during the sign-up process. They require a public internet connection in order to work and are not issued for use in Production environments. After sign-up, you should receive a welcome email that includes a link to download the license file to your local environment. It also contains a Base64 encoded string that can be used in conjunction with an environment variable. The license is a file named kc.lic.

  • Commercial - these are distributed by KX's license administration service. They do not require a public internet connection and so are suitable for air-gapped, fire-walled deployments. The term of a commercial license is agreed as part of the product purchase. Upon agreement, you should receive a welcome email with a link to your license. This license is a file named k4.lic.

  • Proofs of concept or emergency licenses - a short-term license can be provided in proof of concept or emergency situations. Contact your sales representative to get this type of license. These are provided by KX's license administration team.

Go here for details on licenses installation.