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kdb products

The cloud-first, multi-vertical, streaming analytics platform from KX


Insights runs natively on AWS, Azure, and GCP as well as on-prem private cloud environments.

  kdb+ kdb Insights kdb Insights Enterprise
Fastest query speed
Real-time data capture and in-memory analytics
Extreme scalability (multi-petabyte)
Data compression
Multi-cloud, hybrid & on-prem
Machine Learning Toolkit
Program in q
Program in SQL
Program in Python
Pluggable containerized microservices
Native cloud service integrations
Multi-node data replication & recovery
Kubernetes deployment & operator
Graphical UI
Embedded Machine Learning & MLOps
Authentication & IAM
Multi AZ (Availability Zone)
Available on hyperscale clouds
Available on cloud marketplaces
Available as a native service
Available as a managed service

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