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What is kdb Insights?          

kdb Insights is composed of:

kdb Insights Core kdb Insights Core allows you to create high-performance time-series analytics in the cloud. You can migrate to the cloud and develop new kdb+ applications on public and private clouds.
  Stream Processor A high-performance, scalable event-stream processing system implemented in q.
  Database Provides a high-performance, fault tolerant database, with data tiers for performance based data aging.
  Reliable Transport A microarchitecture for ensuring the reliable streaming of messages.
  PyKX An interface between q, kdb+, underlying data types, and Python. Use PyKX to interact with kdb+ and apply analytics against vast amounts of data in-memory or on-disk.
  Service Discovery A cloud-native, scalable registry which stores, manages and distributes running services and their metadata for all other services within the Microservice driven application.

kdb Insights Enterprise

kdb Insights also comes with an enterprise offering. Take a look at kdb Insights Enterprise for more details.

API documentation

If you want to integrate with kdb Insights Enterprise APIs, take a look at our API documentation.

kdb Insights Microservices

kdb Insights Microservices

An ecosystem of cloud-native microservices, built on kdb+

The microservices help developers to:

  • Add new function to existing kdb+ systems
  • Migrate legacy kdb+ components to the cloud
  • Develop new applications or microservices with composition and integration