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The CLI requires Python and the Python package manager, pip, to be installed on your system.

The supported Python versions are 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10.


Python and pip command names

python and pip must be available on your PATH. If alternative commands such as python3 are required, update the commands appropriately.

To install from Nexus, run pip install with the appropriate credentials.

pip install --extra-index-url kxicli

To install a specific version, run:

KXI_CLI_VERSION=x.y.z # replace with the version you want to install
pip install --extra-index-url kxicli==$KXI_CLI_VERSION

You can see available versions on Nexus.

Once installed, kxi is available for you to execute.

If the installation fails, running pip with the --verbose option provides more information.

pip install --verbose --extra-index-url kxicli==$KXI_CLI_VERSION


To upgrade the CLI, use the --upgrade option with pip install

# pass the '--upgrade' flag to pip
pip install --upgrade --extra-index-url kxicli


To uninstall the CLI, run:

pip uninstall kxicli

Air-gapped environments

By default pip installs dependencies from the internet. To install the CLI in an air-gapped environment you must download the dependencies on an internet-enabled machine and transfer them to the air-gapped environment.

  1. Download the CLI and dependencies on an internet-enabled machine

    pip download -d bundle setuptools wheel --extra-index-url kxicli
    tar -zcf bundle.tar.gz bundle
  2. Copy bundle.tar.gz to your air-gapped environment and run these commands to install it

    tar -zxf bundle.tar.gz
    pip install --no-index --find-links bundle kxicli

Target environment

The above commands assume the interpreter and system that the dependencies are downloaded on match those of the target environment. If this is not the case, use the --platform, --python-version, --implementation, and --abi options to fetch the dependencies matching the target environment.