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Cast to string

string x    string[x]

Returns x as a string. Applies to all datatypes.

q)string `ibm
q)string 2
q)string {x*x}
q)string (+/)

Implicit iteration

string is an atomic function and iterates through dictionaries and tables.

q)string (2 3;"abc")

q)string "cat"        / not the no-op you might expect

q)string `a`b`c!2002 2004 2010
a| "2002"
b| "2004"
c| "2010"

q)string ([]a:1 2 3;b:`ibm`goog`aapl)
a    b
,"1" "ibm"
,"2" "goog"
,"3" "aapl"

Domain and range

domain b g x h i j e f c s p m d z n u v t
range  c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c c

Range: c

  .h namespace
  .Q.addr (IP address), .Q.f (format), .Q.fmt (format)
Q for Mortals §7.3.1 Data to Strings