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Appendix E - Goofys

Goofys is an open-source Linux client distribution. It uses an AWS S3 storage backend, behind a running and a normal Linux AWS EC2 instance. It presents a POSIX file system layer to kdb+ using the FUSE layer. It is distributed in binary form for RHEL/CentOS and others, or can be built from source.

Limitations of the POSIX support are that hard links, symlinks and appends are not supported.

function latency (mSec) function latency (mSec)
hclose hopen 0.468 ();,;2 3 DNF
hcount 0.405 read1 0.487

Metadata operational latencies - mSecs (headlines)


Operational latency is high. The natural streaming throughput seems to hover around 130 MB/sec, or approximately a quarter of the EBS rate. The solution thrashes at 16 processes of streaming reads. Metadata latency figures are in the order of 100-200× higher that of EBS.

The compressed tests show that the bottleneck is per-thread read speeds, as the data when decompressed rates improve a lot over the uncompressed model.


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