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sin, asin

Sine, arcsine

sin x     sin[x]
asin x    asin[x]

Where x is a numeric, returns

the sine of x, taken to be in radians. The result is between -1 and 1, or null if the argument is null or infinity.
the arcsine of x; that is, the value whose sine is x. The result is in radians and lies between \(-\frac{\pi}{2}\) and \(\frac{\pi}{2}\). (The range is approximate due to rounding errors). Null is returned if the argument is not between -1 and 1.
q)sin 0.5       / sine
q)sin 1%0

q)asin 0.8      / arcsine

Implicit iteration

sin and asin are atomic functions.

q)sin (.2;.3 .4)
0.2955202 0.3894183

q)asin (.2;.3 .4)
0.3046927 0.4115168

q)sin `x`y`z!3 4#til[12]%10
x| 0         0.09983342 0.1986693 0.2955202
y| 0.3894183 0.4794255  0.5646425 0.6442177
z| 0.7173561 0.7833269  0.841471  0.8912074

Domain and range

domain: b g x h i j e f c s p m d z n u v t
range:  f . f f f f f f f . f f f z f f f f

cos, acos