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get, set

Read or set the value of a variable or a kdb+ data file


Read or memory-map a variable or kdb+ data file

get x     get[x]

Where x is

  • the name of a global variable as a symbol atom
  • a file or folder named as a symbol atom or vector

returns its value.

Signals a type error if the file is not a kdb+ data file.

Used to map columns of databases in and out of memory when querying splayed databases, and can be used to read q log files, etc.

q)get `a

q)\l trade.q
q)`:NewTrade set trade                  / save trade data to file
q)t:get`:NewTrade                       / t is a copy of the table
q)`:SNewTrade/ set .Q.en[`:.;trade]     / save splayed table
q)s:get`:SNewTrade/                     / s has columns mapped on demand
value is a synonym for get

By convention, value is used for other purposes. But the two are completely interchangeable.

q)value "2+3"
q)get "2+3"

eval, value


Assign a value to a global variable
Persist an object as a file or directory

nam set y                set[nam;y]               /set global var nam
fil set y                set[fil;y]               /serialize y to fil
dir set t                set[dir;t]               /splay t to dir
(fil;lbs;alg;lvl) set y  set[(fil;lbs;alg;lvl);y] /write y to fil, cmprssd
(dir;lbs;alg;lvl) set t  set[(dir;lbs;alg;lvl);t] /splay t to dir, cmprssd
(dir;dic) set t          set[(dir;dic);t]         /splay t to dir, cmprssd


alg   integer atom     compression algorithm
dic   dictionary       compression specifications
dir   filesymbol       directory in the filesystem
fil   filesymbol       file in the filesystem
lbs   integer atom     logical block size
lvl   integer atom     compression level
nam   symbol atom      valid q name
t     table
y     (any)            any q object

Compression parameters alg, lbs, and lvl
Compression specification dictionary


q)`a set 42                         / set global variable

q)`:a set 42                        / serialize object to file

q)t:([]tim:100?23:59;qty:100?1000)  / splay table
q)`:tbl/ set t

q)(`:ztbl;17;2;6) set t             / serialize compressed

q)(`:ztbl/;17;2;6) set t            / splay table compressed

Anymap write detects consecutive deduplicated (address matching) top-level objects, skipping them to save space; since V4.1t 2021.06.04.

q)`:a0 set a
q)`:a1 set a@where 1000 2000 3000

Since 4.1t 2023.09.29,4.0 2023.11.03 when writing anymap, empty vectors without attributes are deduplicated automatically (including enum vectors when the enum name is 'sym'). Since 4.1t 2021.06.04,4.0 2023.01.20 improved memory efficiency of writing nested data sourced from a type 77 (anymap) file, commonly encountered during compression of files. e.g.

q)`:a set 500000 100#"abc";system"ts `:b set get`:a" / was 76584400 bytes, now 8390208.

Splayed table

To splay a table t to directory dir

  • dir must be a filesymbol that ends with a /
  • t must have no primary keys
  • columns of t must be vectors or compound lists
  • symbol columns in t must be fully enumerated

Splayed tables


set saves the data in a binary format akin to tag+value, retaining the structure of the data in addition to its value.

q)`:data/foo set 10 20 30
q)read0 `:data/foo
"\376 \007\000\000\000\000\000\003\000\000\000\000\000\000\000"
Setting variables in the KX namespaces can result in undesired and confusing behavior.

These are .h, .j, .Q, .q, .z, and any other namespaces with single-character names.



(fil;lbs;alg;lvl) set y   / write y to fil, compressed
(dir;lbs;alg;lvl) set t   / splay t to dir, compressed

Arguments lbs, alg, and lvl are compression parameters.

Splay table t to directory ztbl/ with gzip compression:

q)(`:ztbl/;17;2;6) set t


(dir;dic) set t            / splay t to dir, compressed

the keys of dic are either column names of t or the null symbol `. The value of each entry is an integer vector: lbs, alg, and lvl.

Compression for unspecified columns is specified either by an entry for the null symbol (as below) or by .z.zd.


q)/specify compression for cols a, b and defaults for others
q)show dic:``a`b!(17 2 9;17 2 6;17 2 6)
 | 17 2 9
a| 17 2 6
b| 17 2 6
q)(`:ztbl/;dic) set t               / splay table compressed

Database: tables in the filesystem
File system
File compression
Compression in kdb+