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Changes in 3.2

Below is a summary of changes from V3.1. Commercially-licensed users may obtain the detailed change list / release notes from

Production release date



  • allow views to use their previous value as part of their recalc.
  • views, in addition to vars, are now also returned by default HTTP handler.
  • removed limit on number of concurrent vectors which can have `g attr.
  • \c – Console width, height now defaults to 100 1000, previously was 25 80; LINES, COLUMNS environment vars override it.
  • allow some messaging threads other than main.
  • retain `p attr if both args to catenate have `p attr, and parted info conforms
  • map single splayed files.
  • appending a sorted vector to a sorted vector on disk now just appends to the file if the sort can be retained.
  • exec by a,b or select by a,b now sets sort/part attr for those cols. Enhancement to that released on 2014.02.07, now multiple cols
  • Support automatic WebSockets compression according to (
  • added dsave to make it easy to .Q.en`p#sym and save; expects sym as first col.
  • rload changed to map all singleton splayed tables; eliminates all the open, map, unmap, close overhead.
  • expanded mlim (number of mapped nested files) from 251 to 32767.
  • Added WebSocket client functionality. must be defined before opening a WebSocket
  • allow single escape \ for \/ in char vector (to support JSON)
  • JSON [de]serialization is now part of q.k
  • uses two file descriptors per compressed file. This is a result of the change in design to accommodate decompressing a file from multiple threads

Not upwardly compatible

  • views cannot be triggered for recalc from socket threads – signals 'threadview.
  • view loop detection is no longer performed during view creation; now is during the view recalc.
  • var, dev, cov, cor and enlist are now reserved words.
  • `g attr can be set on a vector in main thread only.