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Read bytes from a file or named pipe

Syntax: read1 x, read1[x]

Where x is a

returns bytes from the source, as follows.


Where x is

  • an file symbol, returns the entire content of the file
  • a list (file;offset;length), returns up to length bytes from file starting at offset
  • a list (file;offset), returns the entire content of file from offset onwards
q)`:test.txt 0:("hello";"goodbye")      / write some text to a file
q)read1`:test.txt                       / read in as bytes
q)"c"$read1`:test.txt                   / convert from bytes to char

q)/ read 500000 lines, chunks of (up to) 100000 at a time
q)d:raze{read1(`:/tmp/data;x;100000)}each 100000*til 5 

File system

Named pipe

(Since V3.4.) Where x is

  • a list (fifo;length), returns length bytes read from fifo
  • an atom fifo, blocks and returns bytes from fifo when EOF is encountered (0#0x if immediate)
"Red Hat "
q)system"mkfifo somefifo";h:hopen`fifo:somefifo; 0N!read1 h; hclose h

Interprocess communicaion