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Q client for ODBC

In Windows and Linux, you can use ODBC to connect to a non-kdb+ database from q.


To install, download

q q/l32 q/l64 q/w32 q/w64
≥V3.0 odbc.dll odbc.dll
≤V2.8 odbc.dll odbc.dll

Mixed versions

If you mix up the library versions, you’ll likely observe a type error when opening the connection.

Start kdb+ and load odbc.k – this populates the .odbc context.

Unix systems

Ensure you have unixODBC installed, and that LD_LIBRARY_PATH includes the path to the, e.g. for 64-bit Linux

unixODBC configuration guide


First open an ODBC connection to a database. To do so, define a DSN (database source name), and then connect to the DSN using This returns a connection handle, which is used for subsequent ODBC calls:

q)\l odbc.k
q) `northwind               / open northwind database
q).odbc.tables h                        / list tables
`Categories`Customers`Employees`Order Details`Orders`Products..
q).odbc.eval[h;"select * from Orders"]  / run a select statement
OrderID CustomerID EmployeeID OrderDate  RequiredDate..
10248   WILMK      5          1996.07.04 1996.08.01  ..
10249   TRADH      6          1996.07.05 1996.08.16  ..
10250   HANAR      4          1996.07.08 1996.08.05  ..
Alternatively, use .odbc.load to load the entire database into q:
q)\l odbc.k
q).odbc.load `northwind                 / load northwind database
OrderID| CustomerID EmployeeID OrderDate  RequiredDate ..
-------| ----------------------------------------------..
10248  | WILMK      5          1996.07.04 1996.08.01   ..
10249  | TRADH      6          1996.07.05 1996.08.16   ..
10250  | HANAR      4          1996.07.08 1996.08.05   ..

ODBC functions

Functions defined in the .odbc context:


Closes an ODBC connection handle:

q).odbc.close h


Evaluate a SQL expression:

q)sel:"select CompanyName,Phone from Customers where City='London'"
CompanyName             Phone
"Around the Horn"       "(171) 555-7788"
"B's Beverages"         "(171) 555-1212"
"Consolidated Holdings" "(171) 555-2282"
"Eastern Connection"    "(171) 555-0297"
"North/South"           "(171) 555-7733"
"Seven Seas Imports"    "(171) 555-1717"
q)select from b where Phone like "*1?1?"
CompanyName          Phone
"B's Beverages"      "(171) 555-1212"
"Seven Seas Imports" "(171) 555-1717"


Loads an entire database into the session:

q).odbc.load `northwind
ShipperID| CompanyName        Phone
---------| -----------------------------------
1        | "Speedy Express"   "(503) 555-9831"
2        | "United Package"   "(503) 555-3199"
3        | "Federal Shipping" "(503) 555-9931"


Open a connection to a database, returning an ODBC connection handle. For example:

q) `northwind


List tables in database:

q).odbc.tables h
`Categories`Customers`Employees`Order Details`Orders`Products...


List views in database:

q).odbc.views h
`Alphabetical List of Products`Category Sales for 1997`Current...


ODBC has the capability to trace the ODBC API calls to a log file; sometimes this can be helpful in resolving unusual or erroneous behavior. On Unix, you can activate the tracing by adding

Trace         = 1
TraceFile     =/tmp/odbc.log
to the odbcinst.ini file, which can typically be found in /etc or /usr/local/etc.

MSDN.aspx) for tracing on Windows

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