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Reference card


Aabs acos aj aj0 ajf ajf0 all and any asc asin asof atan attr avg avgs
Bbin binr
Cceiling cols cor cos count cov cross csv cut
Ddelete deltas desc dev differ distinct div do dsave
Eeach ej ema enlist eval except exec exit exp
Ffby fills first fkeys flip floor
Gget getenv group gtime
Hhclose hcount hdel hopen hsym
Iiasc idesc if ij ijf in insert inter inv
Kkey keys
Llast like lj ljf load log lower lsq ltime ltrim
Mmavg max maxs mcount md5 mdev med meta min mins mmax mmin mmu mod msum
Nneg next not null
Oor over
Pparse peach pj prd prds prev prior
Rrand rank ratios raze read0 read1 reciprocal reval reverse rload rotate rsave rtrim
Ssave scan scov sdev select set setenv show signum sin sqrt ss ssr string sublist sum sums sv svar system
Ttables tan til trim type
Uuj ujf ungroup union update upper upsert
Vvalue var view views vs
Wwavg where while within wj wj1 wsum
Xxasc xbar xcol xcols xdesc xexp xgroup xkey xlog xprev xrank (sanitize), .Q.res (reserved words)


Flip Splayed
Roll, Deal
Enum Extend
Simple Exec
Vector Conditional
+Add -Subtract *Multiply %Divide
Not Equals
Less Than
Up To
Greater Than
At Least
| Greater, OR & Lesser, AND
Set Attribute

Overloaded glyphs


maps accumulators ' Each, each, Case /: Each Right / Over, over ': Each Parallel, peach \: Each Left \ Scan, scan ': Each Prior, prior

Execution control

.[f;x;e] Trap : Return do exit $[x;y;z] Cond @[f;x;e] Trap-At ' Signal if while



` pop stack : assign 0 console 0: File Text . push stack :: identity 1, -1 stdout 1: File Binary \x system cmd generic null 2, -2 stderr 2: Dynamic Load \ abort global amend n, -n handle \\ quit q set view

() precedence [;] expn block {} lambda ` symbol (;) list argt list ; separator `: filepath ([]..) table


g grouped p parted s sorted u unique

Set Attribute

Command-line options and system commands

-bblocked-s \ssecondary processes
\b \Bviews\Srandom seed
-c \cconsole size-t \ttimer ticks
-C \CHTTP size\tstime and space
\cdchange directory-T \Ttimeout
\ddirectory-u -U \uusr-pwd
-e \eerror traps-udisable syscmds
-E \ETLS server mode\vvariables
\ffunctions-w \wmemory
-g \ggarbage collection-W \Wweek offset
\lload file or directory\xexpunge
-l -Llog sync-z \zdate format
-o \oUTC offset\1 \2redirect
-p \plistening port\_hide q code
-P \Pdisplay precision\terminate
-qquiet mode\toggle q/k
-r \rreplicate\\quit

Command-line options, System commands, OS commands


n c name sz literal null inf SQL Java .Net ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 0 * list 1 b boolean 1 0b Boolean boolean 2 g guid 16 0Ng UUID GUID 4 x byte 1 0x00 Byte byte 5 h short 2 0h 0Nh 0Wh smallint Short int16 6 i int 4 0i 0Ni 0Wi int Integer int32 7 j long 8 0j 0Nj 0Wj bigint Long int64 0 0N 0W 8 e real 4 0e 0Ne 0We real Float single 9 f float 8 0.0 0n 0w float Double double 0f 0Nf 10 c char 1 " " " " Character char 11 s symbol ` ` varchar String string 12 p timestamp 8 dateDtimespan 0Np 0Wp Timestamp DateTime (RW) 13 m month 4 2000.01m 0Nm 14 d date 4 2000.01.01 0Nd 0Wd date Date 15 z datetime 8 dateTtime 0Nz 0wz timestamp Timestamp DateTime (RO) 16 n timespan 8 00:00:00.000000000 0Nn 0Wn Timespan TimeSpan 17 u minute 4 00:00 0Nu 0Wu 18 v second 4 00:00:00 0Nv 0Nv 19 t time 4 00:00:00.000 0Nt 0Wt time Time TimeSpan 20-76 enums 77 anymap 78-96 77+t – mapped list of lists of type t 97 nested sym enum 98 table 99 dictionary 100 lambda 101 unary primitive 102 operator 103 iterator 104 projection 105 composition 106 f' 107 f/ 108 f\ 109 f': 110 f/: 111 f\: 112 dynamic load

n: short int returned by type and used for casting, e.g. 9h$3
c: character used lower-case for casting and upper-case for Load CSV
sz: size in bytes
inf: infinity (no math on temporal types); 0Wh is 32767h
v: applicable value
RO: read only; RW: read-write

Nested types are 77+t (e.g. 78 is boolean. 96 is time.)

Cast $: where char is from the c column above char$data:CHAR$string

date.(year month week mm dd)
time.(minute second mm ss)
milliseconds: time mod 1000



Markup output for HTTP linebreak CSV from data .h.code code after Tab .h.d delimiter .h.fram frame .h.ed Excel from data .h.ha anchor .h.edsn Excel from tables .h.hb anchor target .h.hc escape lt Marqdown to HTML horizontal rule .h.hta start tag .h.iso8601 ISO timestamp .h.htac element .h.jx table element TSV from data .h.html document .h.tx filetypes .h.http hyperlinks .h.xd XML .h.nbr no break .h.xs XML escape .h.pre pre .h.xt JSON .h.text paragraphs .h.xmp XMP

.h.he HTTP 400 .h.c0 web color HTTP response .h.c1 web color .h.hp HTTP response pre .h.HOME webserver root .h.hy HTTP response content .h.logo Kx logo anchor style URI escape body style .h.hug URI map .h.ty MIME types URI-safe .h.val value .h.uh URI unescape


De/serialize as JSON

.j.j serialize .j.k deserialize .j.jd serialize infinity


Memory backed by files


Utilities: general, environment, IPC, datatype, database, partitioned database state, segmented database state, file I/O

General Datatype addmonths btoa b64 encode bt backtrace j10 encode binhex dd join symbols j12 encode base 36 def M long infinity f format ty type ff append columns x10 decode binhex fmt format x12 decode base 36 ft apply simple fu apply unique Database gc garbage collect chk fill HDB gz GZip dpft save table id sanitize dpfts save table with sym qt is table dsftg load process save res keywords en enumerate varchar cols s plain text ens enumerate against domain s1 string representation fk foreign key sbt string backtrace hdpf save tables trp extend trap qt is table ts time and space qp is partitioned u date based V table to dict v value Partitioned database state view subview bv build vp ind partitioned index Constants cn count partitioned table A uppercase alphabet MAP maps partitions a lowercase alphabet D partitions b6 bicameral alphanums par locate partition nA alphanums PD partition locations pd modified partition locns Environment pf partition field k version pn partition counts opt command parameters qp is partitioned w memory stats pt partitioned tables x non-command parameters PV partition values pv modified partition values IPC vp missing partitions addr IP address fps fpn streaming algorithm Segmented database state fs fsn streaming algorithm D partitions hg HTTP get P segments host hostname u date based hp HTTP post l load

File I/O Cf create empty nested char file Xf create file


System variables, callbacks

System information Callbacks .z.a IP address HTTP auth from cookie .z.b dependencies msg validator .z.c cores .z.exit action on exit .z.D/d date shortcuts .z.pc close .z.e TLS connection status .z.pd peach handles .z.ex failed primitive get .z.ey arg to failed primitive HTTP get .z.f file .z.pi input .z.h host .z.po open .z.i PID .z.pp HTTP post .z.K version .z.pq qcon .z.k release date set .z.l license validate user .z.N/n local/UTC timespan .z.ts timer .z.o OS version .z.vs value set .z.P/p local/UTC timestamp .z.wc WebSocket close HTTP options .z.wo WebSocket open .z.q quiet mode WebSockets .z.s self .z.T/t time shortcuts .z.u user ID .z.W/w handles/handle .z.X/x raw/parsed command line .z.Z/z local/UTC datetime .z.zd zip defaults