Our search engine is customized to the q language.

Operators are recognized: a search for * becomes a search for Multiply.

A search for an overloaded operator such as @ takes you to a disambiguation table.

Kx namespaces are recognized: a search for .z.pd takes you to the .z page.

By default, searches ignore the content of code listings and inline code elements.

You can direct a search to code elements. Prefix your search term with code: and the engine will search only code blocks, inline code elements, and headings. So, a search for code:compress will ignore the word compress in body text.

A search for a keyword is always performed as a code search. For example a search for and looks only in page titles, headings, inline code elements and code listings.

Our search engine is designed for single words, keywords and symbols. If your query contains spaces it will be handled by Google Search.