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Example architectures

KX for Surveillance

KX for Surveillance architecture

Feedhandlers ingest the tick ata received directly from trading venues and market data sources.

The tickerplant receives, logs and publishes all real-time data downstream.

The real-time database captures all intraday data; and writes it to disk at end of day.

The historical database processes read historical data from disk and provide them to other processes.

KX Data Refinery

Refinery architecture
Data-processing layer

Tools and components:

Admin server

Develop, configure, deploy and manage solutions: authentication, subscription, connections, users, settings, permissions, configuration.


Scan, monitor, and alerting of issues in software and hardware.

Third-party interoperability

Publish and subscribe, Web services, change-data capture…


Native kdb+ APIs; direct IPC and binary communication for HPC.

KX visualization tools

HTML5, KX Dashboards, KX Analyst

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