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Using the sample program for the kdb Insights Python interface

This section describes how to use our sample Python program, available on Nexus, to:

  • Publish data from the sample.csv file to either:

  • kdb Insights Reliable Transport

  • A sdk_sample_assembly assembly inside the kdb Insights Enterprise. You can download this assembly using the instructions here.


The insights-python-sdk-samples.${VERSION}.zip, which you download from the kdb Insights Nexus registry, contains the following files:

  • sample.csv

Before using the sample program you must install the Python interface

Running the sample

To upload the sample.csv file, use the following command:

python3 --config <config URL> --dir <RT directory>

The --config argument can be either:

  • a kdb Insights Enterprise client URL or
  • a URL to a local JSON file (file://...) containing the RT configuration.

See the Getting Started section for further information.

The --dir argument is the path to RT log directory.

The program will upload the sample.csv file and then exit.