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KX Flow Quickstart Guide

The KX Flow Accelerator is an FSI Accelerator package which comes with ready made Pipelines, Views, and Schemas out of the box. It provides a real time streaming integration with the KX Flow application.


This quickstart guide is not intended to be a comprehensive KDB Insights Install Guide, for more information regarding KDB Insights installation refer to the kdb Insights Enterprise documentation). This guide assumes the following pre-requisites:

  • KDB Insights Enterprise 1.9.0 (minimum version) installed
  • Necessary credentials obtained and configured:
    • Insights Users:
      • GUI User
      • API Client
  • kx download portal bearer token to download packages/charts (represented by BEARER in this guide).
  • Necessary Tools Used:
    • Access to *nix command-line
    • KDB Insights CLI - kxi
  • Kubernetes tools:
    • kubectl
    • K9s
  • Helm installed and logged in to nexus
  • VSCode with the following plugins:
    • KX kdb
    • Jupyter

Quick Start Guide

Download the required FSI packages from the kx download portal:

# Download fsi-lib - the Core FSI Library
curl -s --fail-with-body -D /dev/stderr --oauth2-bearer ${BEARER} -L -OJ

# Download fsi-app-kx-flow - the KX Flow Accelerator
curl -s --fail-with-body -D /dev/stderr --oauth2-bearer ${BEARER} -L -OJ
If using static ips these need to be configured prior to pushing the package to insights.

Unpack fsi-app-kx-flow:

kxi package unpack fsi-app-kx-flow-1.0.0.kxi

Edit the file fsi-data-assembly-db-shard.yaml in ../fsi-app-kx-flow/databases/fsi-data-assembly-db/shards to include the static ips:


    external: true
Package the change:

kxi package packit fsi-app-kx-flow --tag --version 1.0.0

Push the packages to Insights and deploy the fsi-kx-flow-assembly:

# Install the packages
kxi package push --force fsi-lib/1.0.0
kxi package push --force fsi-app-kx-flow/1.0.0

# Deploy the assembly
kxi package deploy fsi-app-kx-flow/1.0.0


At this point you should be able to see the pipelines booting up on the GUI or on k9s.

Data Ingestion

The KX Flow package contains ready to use pipelines for ingesting data via a flowbridge. See FX Data Ingestion for more information on the preconfigured pipelines.

The flowbridge will be managed by KX and requires a service account client enrolled on the insights assembly. Create a service account client with the role insights.role.maintainer via keycloak.

# Enrol client
kxi client enrol --name <CLIENT_NAME> --insert-topic fsiassembly

  "message": "success",
  "detail": "Client enrolled",
  "url": "4087a3e7991beb212681ea78e2e91744",
  "config_url": ""

This url will need to be shared with the KX Flow team for the flowbridge connection.

Once the flowbridge is connected and publishing you should be able to see data flowing in realtime via the FxChart View: