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kdb Accelerators


kdb Accelerators are packages for kdb products that address typical industry use cases. Using an Accelerator allows you to leapfrog the first phases of a project or Insights implementation, skipping common boilerplate or initial effort and jumping straight to value adding work. They are a customization-first approach to developing on kdb products, helping you learn and unlock the value of KX products faster.

Accelerators are supported and updated products in their own right, not simply demos or one-off blog posts. They are safely extendable, and enhancements can be re-incorporated back into customer projects.

Packages for accelerators include code and materials for a working use-case which can then be extended, such as:

  • Highly performant ingest and analysis solution architectures
  • SDK integrations to common industry realtime data sources
  • Data ingest pipelines (SP) for common industry realtime, batch, and reference data sources
  • Realtime and batch/EOD analytic pipelines for producing streaming analysis and aggregated outputs
  • Predefined, performant database schemas that are extendable by clients
  • Industry and domain-enahanced query and analytic APIs
  • Visualization samples including example dashboards, Python notebooks, and REST API calls for downstream app integration

Accelerators layer over best practice architectures for kdb products, anywhere that code or customization could be added to support an overall solution. For example, in kdb Insights Enterprise:

Accelerator Architecture

Industry Accelerators

Financial Services Industry (FSI)

All FSI Accelerators currenlty target kdb Insights Enterprise, and leverage the kdb Insights Enterprise packaging system.