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Sign in to kdb Insights Enterprise

Access to kdb Insights Enterprise UI is restricted by robust authentication and authorization. Ppermissions to use system features are defined in user accounts.

Log in

When you access kdb Insights Enterprise UI URL, the sign in screen is displayed.

Sign in screen

  1. Enter the username (or email) and password assigned to you by your administrator.
  2. Click SIGN IN.

    The kdb Insights Enterprise user interface is displayed.

See your password

Click the eye icon icon to see your password.

Are you the administrator?

Take a look at Authentication and authorization for more information.

Reset your password

Click Forgot Password? and follow the on-screen instructions to receive an email and reset your password.

Forgotten password

The Forgot Password? link is available only if your administrator has configured the password reset service.

Log out

  1. Select Logout from the menu option in your user profile of the kdb Insights Enterprise screen.

    User profile menu
    User profile menu

  2. Confirm that you want to log out of the application.

Explore the UI

The next step is to explore the functionality provided by the kdb Insights Enterprise UI.