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When upgrading the kdb Insights Database, sometimes internal database files and directories are updated to a newer format. If it then becomes necessary to roll back the upgrade, these internal files must also be downgraded as the older version is not aware of the changes in the newer version.

To aid with this process, the kxi-db-rollback image can be used. This image needs write access to the HDB and IDB storage directories. The version of the image should be at least the version to downgrade from.

Environment variables

  • KXI_ROLLBACK_HDB_PATH: The path to the HDB directory in the container. If not specified, it is assumed to be /data/db/hdb.
  • KXI_ROLLBACK_IDB_PATH: The path to the IDB directory in the container. If not specified, it is assumed to be /data/db/idb.
  • KXI_ROLLBACK_TARGET_VERSION: The version to downgrade to. Example: 1.4.0.
  • KXI_ROLLBACK_CURRENT_VERSION: The version to downgrade from. Example: 1.6.0. If not specified, it defaults to one minor version higher than KXI_ROLLBACK_TARGET_VERSION, for example downgrading to 1.4.0 would imply downgrading from 1.5.0.


When running the kxi-db-rollback, make sure to pay attention to its output. At the start it prints Found current version followed by the version it is downgrading from - make sure this matches the actual upgraded version. The process should not run into any errors and print Rollback complete at the end. Without confirming this output, it is not safe to launch the kdb Insights Database either with the upgraded or the downgraded version.