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Observability is a critical feature of any application. It allows system operators visibility on how the application is performing and provides the ability to investigate and resolve issues. kdb Insights Enterprise provides observability through metrics and logging.


Logging is an important tool to understand what's occurring in an application by keeping track of those events with log messages. kdb Insights Enterprise follows best practice when it comes to logging. It emits structured log messages to STDOUT to be consumed by standard logging stacks. This allows you to deploy your own logging stack, centralize the application logs, and easily troubleshoot issues.

It does not ship with a built-in logging stack but there are many available solutions. You can choose to deploy your preferred one or if running in the cloud, there may be an out of the box one integrated with the Kubernetes stack.



Metrics are a key component of observability. They allow you to capture information about how your application is performing. In comparison to logging, they provide a more aggregated, numerical view of the system state.

kdb Insights Enterprise generates metrics to allow you to quickly identify the system performance and potential issues. This allows you to monitor data flows, component errors, and a variety of other metrics. The application is designed to work with the Prometheus stack. In order to use metrics, please deploy Prometheus.

Encryption in transit metrics

kdb Insights Enterprise can be deployed with encryption of all data in transit. Istio, an open-source service mesh, is deployed alongside kdb Insights Enterprise. See here for details on how Istio secures data in transit.

The Istio metrics captured are the default Istio service level metrics which are listed here. These metrics provide a way of monitoring and understanding the behavior for all service communications within a mesh and the behavior of the mesh itself.

Additional metrics storage

Collecting the Standard Istio metrics increases the total number of records stored in Prometheus by up to 25%, mainly due to the frequency of capture recommended for the Istio metrics.

Please see the Istio Observability documentation for details on modifying which metrics are captured.

You can view the metrics using one of the following:

  • Kiali

  • [Grafana dashboards] See the following Istio documentation for a list of pre-configured dashboards available. Ensure that the Istio Dashboard you deploy is appropriate for the version of Istio deployed. See the release notes for details on which version of Istio is been deployed with kdb Insights Enterprise.



kdb Insights Enterprise provides a set of pre-defined alerts, which are sent to the Alertmanager. The Alertmanager then manages the alerts, including silencing, inhibition, aggregation and sending out notifications via methods such as email, on-call notification systems, and chat platforms.

Alerts reference


kdb Insights Enterprise provides a set of pre-defined dashboards, which are added to Grafana.

Dashboards reference