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About KDB.AI

KDB.AI is a powerful knowledge-based vector database and search engine that allows you to build scalable, reliable AI applications, using real-time data, by providing advanced search, recommendation and personalization.

Product offerings

KDB.AI comes in two offerings:

KDB.AI Cloud Starter Edition

  • 4 GB memory per instance
  • 30 GB data storage
  • Experiment with small AI projects
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KDB.AI Server Standard Edition

  • Single container deployment
  • Scale to your requirements
  • Customize to your dev environment
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What can KDB.AI do?

KDB.AI allows you to set-up a knowledge-based vector database and search engine in a few simple steps. With KDB.AI you can:

  • Create an index of vectors (Flat, IVF, IVFPQ, or HNSW).
  • Append vectors to an index.
  • Perform fast vector similarity search with optional metadata filtering.
  • Persist an index to disk.
  • Load an index from disk.

KDB.AI is:

  • Relevant - Improve searches with temporal and semantic context
  • Time aware - Compare data from moments in time to analyze trends or changes
  • Comparable - Relate similar data contexts through like-to-like search results
  • Real-time - Search and index your data with unmatched speed