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What is kdb Insights Enterprise?

Reliable data capture and persistence is the bedrock of our business and our greatest strength. Use kdb Insights Enterprise to capture and analyze your high-volume, high-velocity, machine-generated, time-series data. Enterprise is developed for use on any of the three major cloud providers: AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, or GCP (Google Cloud Platform) and has our super fast columnar, time-series database, kdb+, at its heart.

Here are the key features:

Data discovery and exploration

  • Use kdb Insights Enterprise to take data from multiple sources (historical and real-time), process, and use the generated insights to inform decision-making processes in your business.

  • Interact with kdb Insights Enterprise through our user interface or command line interface.

  • We provide integrated tools to import, transform, and query data (using q, Python or SQL).

  • Create graphs and charts to spot patterns and trends, and to present your results.


Due to its deployment in the cloud, kdb Insights Enterprise is almost infinitely scalable. Scalability is dynamic, meaning that you can increase or decrease database capacity according to your requirements.

Familiar query and scripting languages

Explore your data using familiar languages; q, Python, SQL.


Access to kdb Insights Enterprise is restricted by robust authentication (user identity checking) and authorization (permission to use system features is defined in user accounts).

Available and fault tolerant data

  • kdb Insights Enterprise retains multiple copies of data, ensuring that no data point is duplicated or lost.

  • Multiple process redundancy for both streaming analytics and query processing, allowing process and node failure.

  • Deployed across multiple availability zones, allowing a single AZ failure.


We provide a self-help diagnostics facility in the user interface, where you can view logs of both historical and recent events.


We provide support for kdb Insights Enterprise through one of the following plans:

  • Customer managed plan, where you manage your own Enterprise deployment and we supply upgrades and platform support when you need it

  • KX managed plan, where we can request access to the relevant resources to manage the application on your behalf

What's included?

kdb Insights Enterprise comprises kdb+, our column-based, relational, time-series database, a graphical user interface and command-line interface, and a full complement of our pre-configured microservices.

More about kdb+

More about the UI

More about our microservices

We provide a reference architecture to get you started; you can then tailor the system to meet your needs.

How do I access kdb Insights Enterprise?

You can deploy kdb Insights Enterprise: