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Configuration in the FSI Accelerator

In general any adjustable configuration has been condensed into a single configuration file for each assembly/package; in the cases where there is adjustable configuration relevant to that assembly. For the fsi-lib package, this is in the fsi.config.q file. In other assemblies/packages the equivalent file will be highlighted in the applicable section of documentation. Any adjustments to configuration should be made before deploying any assemblies.

The steps to adjust configuration in the fsi-lib package are:

  • unpack the fsi-lib package
  • edit the src/fsi.config.q file and update the configuration/variables to the desired values
  • re-package the fsi-lib package
  • push the fsi-lib package
  • bounce the aggregators and resource-coordinators

The steps would be the same for the other packages in the FSI Accelerator.

Commands to unpack and re-package a package can be found here.

Commands to push a package and bounce aggregators/resource-coordinators can be found here.

Changing configuration via a custom package

Alternatively, in many cases configuration can be adjusted by including variables in a custom package. Where this is possible it will be highlighted in the applicable section of documentation. Instructions to create and load a custom package can be found here.