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Getting started

Each accelerator may differ slightly in content, however the general install procedure remains the same across them

Installing and running the accelerator follows the below steps

Set up your environment and check pre-requisites

  • Set up your Insights Enterprise environment ready to install the accelerator

  • Verify you have satisfied pre-requisites

  • Download the accelerator packages locally

  • Once you're happy that your Insights Enterprise system is ready, along with having the necessary CLI and packages downloaded, you're ready to configure the accelerator package.

Information on set up


  • Customize your accelerator package to pick and choose components you want, customize the schemas as required.

  • Modify or choose the pipelines you wish to deploy. By default all pipelines in a package will be deployed.

  • Optionally configure API behaviors

Information on customizing

Information on configuring and customizing pipelines

Information on configuration of the APIs


  • Deploy the accelerator package to your system.

  • This will start up the assemblies and the API code will be loaded

Information on deploying

Use the system

  • Run some examples to validate your running system

Information on using the system