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PostgreSQL Queries

This guide provides an overview of integrating the Stream Processor with a PostgreSQL database.

Mock Database Setup

This example uses a mock database which can be setup by following the PostgreSQL setup guide

The Stream Processor provides a reader interface for issuing queries on a PostgreSQL database. The API can be used as a data source in a pipeline.

The following spec.q will run a select query against a "finance" database and write it to the console. The details of the database will be configured during deployment.["SELECT * FROM stocks"; "finance"]

Deployment prerequisite

The example below requires a PostgreSQL database to be running in the cluster as setup in the Kubernetes section of this tutorial.

jobname=$(curl -X POST http://localhost:5000/pipeline/create -d \
    "$(jq -n  --arg spec "$(cat spec.q)" --arg pass "$PGPASSWORD" \
        name     : "psql",
        type     : "spec",
        config   : { content: $spec },
        settings : { minWorkers: "1", maxWorkers: "10" },
        env      : {
            KXI_SP_POSTGRES_SERVER   : "postgresql",
            KXI_SP_POSTGRES_PORT     : "5432",
            KXI_SP_POSTGRES_DATABASE : "finance",
            KXI_SP_POSTGRES_USERNAME : "postgres",
            KXI_SP_POSTGRES_PASSWORD : $pass
    }' | jq -asR .)" | jq -r .id)

Once deployed, check the console output of the deployed spwork pod to see the result of the query.