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Licensing of kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure

This page will discuss the two key elements of the license workflow:

  • Initial deployment
  • License renewals

Network connectivity is required for the workflow to communicate with the KX licensing server. If network connectivity will be restricted post-deployment, please refer to this section.

Initial deployment

As part of the initial deployment of the application, KX will automatically provision a license for the cluster.

This license will be persisted in the cluster as a Kubernetes secret called kxi-license. There is no action required by you - the application will be configured to use this secret.

License registration

This process will register the KX license against the email address you entered when creating the deployment. The email address provided at install time will be the contact point for KX representatives and any license administration that is required at a later point.

License renewals

Licenses provisioned as part of the initial deployment are short-lived and are only valid for 10 days.

A Kubernetes CronJob is used to automatically renew this license.

This CronJob is scheduled to run every twelve hours and checks whether the license is close to expiration. When the license is within three days of its expiration date, it will attempt to renew the license. This process involves:

  • Downloading the existing license expiry
  • Checking the remaining days before the expiry date
  • Making REST requests to the KX license server to fetch a renewed license
  • Patching the license secret with the updated license

Internet connectivity required

This process communicates with the KX license server hosted in the public cloud at It is recommended to allow connectivity to this host to prevent the license expiring and service outages.

If unblocking this host is not possible, see the firewalled deployments section.

Firewalled deployments

As described in the previous sections, the license renewal is an online process. They require network access to If this is not possible in your deployment, contact your KX Sales representative within the 10 day period, and you will be issued with a license that is configured to work in a firewalled environment without the requirement for network access to