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Aggregation is performed by the Aggregator which collects partials results into a single unified response for a query. Similarly to the routing components, the Aggregator is deployed outside of an assembly so that it can aggregator across assemblies. It is primarily configured by setting environment variables on the service.

Environment Variables

Configuration can be supplied to the Aggregator using environment variables. Environment variables are configured differently depending on the method of deployment. In all cases, the variables are always string values.

In Docker, environment variables are supplied using under an environment key for the target service as a list of key-value pairs.

      - KXI_NAME=agg

In a Kubernetes deployment, environment variables are passed to compnents using a values file. For the Aggregator, these values are supplied under an aggregator key.

kdb Insights Enterprise

When running in an enterprise deployment, values are nested under either a service-gateway or qe-gateway key in the values file. See enterprise deployment configuration for more details.

      KXI_SG_TIMEOUT: "50000"
name description
KXI_NAME Process name.
KXI_SG_RC_ADDR host:port of RC process to connect to.
KXI_CUSTOM_FILE File containing custom code to load into Agg process.
KXI_GC_FREQ Frequency in milliseconds to run garbage collect in a timer (default: 600000, set to 0 to disable).
KXI_SG_TIMEOUT Default request timeout in milliseconds (default: 30000).
KXI_SG_CONN_TIMEOUT Timeout on connection open.
KXI_SG_REQ_DEL_FREQ Time in milliseconds to run the request table delete routine (default: 10000).
KXI_SAPI_HB_FREQ Time in milliseconds to run the heartbeat to connected processes (default: 30000).
KXI_SAPI_HB_TOL Number of heartbeat intervals a process can miss before being disconnected (default: 2).
KXI_ENABLE_FLUSH Set to true to enable async flush on messages from RC to DA/Agg and from Agg to GW (default false).
KXI_DISC_MODE Discovery mode: "kubernetes" (currently only listed mode available, modes will be extended in future releases).Not required if using KXI_SG_RC_ADDR.
KXI_RC_LABEL_SELECTOR Label selector to discover RCs via Kubernetes-based discovery (default:
KXI_RC_CONTAINER_NAME RC container name for Kubernetes-based discovery (default: resource-coordinator).
KXI_ORDINAL Override Aggregator's ordinal. See ordinals.