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Setting up Manual Bar Generation

You must have downloaded and installed the IceFixedIncome package before setting up bargeneration. The general bar generation documentation is here.

1. Create bar generation package

Create a new package that has the same name as the Ice Fixed Income package but with 'z' prepended eg z-ice-fixed-income. The below commands will set this up:

## Creates a new package called z-ice-fixed-income with a manifest and init.q file.
kxi package init z-ice-fixed-income   

## Creates a new bargeneration pipeline and src file in directories pipelines and src. Adds pipeline code to manifest file also.
kxi package add --to z-ice-fixed-income pipeline --name bargeneration 

2. Edit bargeneration.q

(Note, you may have already configured the bargeneration.q if you have previously set up the daily bargeneration cronjob. In this case, simply copy the edited bargeneration.q to your z-ice-fixed-income package ).

Copy the bargeneration.q file from ice-fixed-income to your working directory

scp IceFixedIncome/pipeline-spec/bargeneration.q .

Edit the assemblyName variable on line 6 of bargeneration.q file to be the name of your already running fsi-app-ice-fi assembly.

// TODO Update the name of your assembly below within the quotetation marks instead of the placeholder `$"ENTER_YOUR_ASSEMBLY_NAME_HERE"

Then copy your bargeneration.q file to your z-ice-fixed-income package.

scp IceFixedIncome/pipeline-spec/bargeneration.q z-ice-fixed-income/src/

2. Edit bargeneration.yaml

Add the following code to the bottom of your bargeneration.yaml pipeline file. This defines the config map which allows us to pickup schemas between packages. You may need to change fsi-app-ice-fi within fsi-app-ice-fi-assembly-configmap to match the name of your original ice fixed income assembly.

sed -i -e '$a\configMaps:' -e '$a\- fsi-app-ice-fi-assembly-configmap' z-ice-fixed-income/pipelines/bargeneration.yaml

3. Create the packaging script to deploy the manual bargeneration package

Create the packaging bash script. This should be created outside the z-ice-fixed-income package.


You can add the below code to your bash script.

# Usage:
# Flags which take a user input:
#   --date | -d                       : Select which date to run bargeneration for. Must be in YYYY.MM.DD format. Example `./   --d 2024.05.30   `
#   --package-name | -p               : Optional argument to set a custom name for your package. If not specified default package name is z-ice-fixed-income


# Grab flags
while [[ $# -gt 0 ]]; do
  case $1 in
      shift # past argument
      shift # past value
      shift # past argument
      shift # past value
      echo "Unknown option $1"
      exit 1

if [[ ${DATE} != "yesterday" ]] ; then
    sed 's/.z.d-1/'"$DATE"'/' ${ASM_NAME}/src/bargeneration.q > changed.q && mv changed.q ${ASM_NAME}/src/bargeneration.q

sleep 5

echo Running Bargeneration pipeline within package ${ASM_NAME} for the date: ${DATE}

kxi assembly teardown --force --name ${ASM_NAME}

kxi package remote-remove ${ASM_NAME}/0.0.1

# Make directory where all packaging actions is to be performed
mkdir -p ${FSI_PKG_DIR}
mkdir -p /tmp/packages
mkdir -p /tmp/artifacts
export KX_PACKAGE_PATH=/tmp/packages
export KX_ARTIFACT_PATH=/tmp/artifacts
export KX_PACKAGE_FORMAT=.yaml

cp -r ${ASM_NAME} ${FSI_PKG_DIR}

kxi package packit ${FSI_PKG_DIR}/${ASM_NAME} --tag --package-name ${ASM_NAME}

# Clean up the package dir
echo "Cleaning up FSI packaging directory "${FSI_PKG_DIR}
rm -rf ${FSI_PKG_DIR}/${ASM_NAME}

kxi package push --force ${ASM_NAME}/0.0.1

kxi package deploy ${ASM_NAME}/0.0.1

if [[ ${DATE} != "yesterday" ]] ; then
    sed 's/'"$DATE"'/.z.d-1/' ${ASM_NAME}/src/bargeneration.q > changed.q && mv changed.q ${ASM_NAME}/src/bargeneration.q

4. Review the layout

After setting all of the above up, the layout of your work should look something similar to the below:

└── z-ice-fixed-income
    ├── init.q
    ├── manifest.yaml
    ├── pipelines
    │   └── bargeneration.yaml
    └── src
        └── bargeneration.q

5. Running the script

The script will allow you to run the bar generation pipeline manually. It takes 2 flags: - -package/ -p -- This is the name of the package. The default is z-ice-fixed-income. It is recommened to use the same name which you named your directory which contains your ice fixed income package - -date/-d -- This is the date which you want to run the bargeneration for. By default, it will look at yesterdays date. The date must be written in YYYY.MM.DD format. There must be Quote table data for the date you want to run the bargeneration for in order for it to work.

Example use

./ -p z-ice-fixed-income -d 2024.06.01

The script will teardown any bargeneration packages that are currently running.

The pipeline will be prefixed with z-ice-fixed-income eg. z-ice-fixed-income-bargeneration