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Data Structures



key type description
id symbol A unique name for this operator.
config dict (...symbol: any) Contains any custom configuration for the current operator.

Operators internal fields

The operator object contains a few other fields that are currently reserved for internal use.


.qsp.message is a list containing 2 elements: the message metadata and the message event.

field type description
0 .qsp.message.metadata The message metadata is a dictionary of meta information that applies to all the events in this message.
1 .qsp.message.event or .qsp.message.event[] The events in this message. Each atom, tuple or record in this field is considered an event. If there are multiple events, metadata applies to all events in the message.


key type description
key .qsp.message.metadata.key An optional partition key for the events in this message. This is used to group related collections of data based on a common attribute. Events that do not share the same key are considered independent and will be processed independent of other keys.
window .qsp.temporal Indicates the start time or index of a window of data.
offset .qsp.integer or .qsp.temporal An event offset is a number or time that represents the current message offset to the stream reader. This value will be used to recover data if messages are lost down stream. In the case messages need to be replayed, the message offset will be used to indicate the last successfully processed message.
isPartial boolean True if the message contains a partial window.
isLatePassthrough boolean True if the data being passed through is late


.qsp.message.event is the payload for a given message. This data is most typically a table but can be any data type. Note that some operators explicitly require the event data to be a table to perform their desired operation.


.qsp.message.metadata.key can be any of the following types:

  • long
  • int
  • short
  • byte
  • char
  • symbol
  • date
  • month


.qsp.temporal can be any of the following types:

  • time
  • timestamp
  • timespan


.qsp.integer can be any of the following types:

  • long
  • int
  • short