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Python API

The Python API for package interactions provides you with the ability to list and load the contents of a package. Two interfaces are provided under the .kxi namespace, packages and udfs, which allow you to interact with these entities independently.


In the following examples kdb Insights Enterprise has qpackage installed.

  1. List all packages available

    >>> pakx.packages.list()
           name versions
    0  qpackage    1.0.0
  2. List all UDFs associated with the installed packages

         name      function language  ...   package  version
    0  sp_map        q  ...  qpackage    1.0.0
  3. Load the package contents

    >>> pakx.packages.load('qpackage', '1.0.0')
    >>> kx.q.test
    <pykx.ctx.QContext of .test with [variable, sp]>
  4. Retrieve the UDF as a named function

    >>> test_udf = pakx.udfs.load('sp_map', 'qpackage', '1.0.0')
    >>> test_udf
      select from table where x<10