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kdb Insights Financial Services Industry Accelerators Overview

kdb Insights Financial Services Industry (FSI) Accelerators brings fast outcomes to your FSI projects and implementations. kdb Insights FSI Accelerators is built around common FSI use cases that combine scalable market data ingest with highly performant analytics, you can take immediate advantage of kdb Insights Enterprise's power to turbocharge your business.

Transform your kdb Insights Enterprise installation into a fully functioning solution that you can customize and extend in minutes, not months with:

  • Out-of-the-box performant reference solution architectures
  • Feed handlers and ingest pipelines for industry standard real-time market data vendors
  • Ingest pipelines for industry standard historical or batch data sources
  • Performant, extendable database schemas
  • Common asset-class specific analytics and APIs
  • Templated query and visualization examples, catering for:
    • Advanced dashboarding needs with Insights Views
    • Python notebooks for quant and data science use cases
    • REST API examples for fast interop with downstream applications

FSI Accelerators use a common underlying library that provides its analytic APIs, refer to the FSI Accelerator Library for more information.

Available FSI Accelerators

  • ICE Order Book Building - Realtime data ingest and order book building for ICE (The Intercontinental Exchange) Futures

Feature Highlights

Asset class features

  • Futures features for getTicks
  • FX features for getTicks

Customization & Operations