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The database has two categories of interfaces, queries and custom aggregations. This section outlines the available APIs for interacting with the kdb Insights Database. See the page on exploratory queries if you are looking to execute a query using the kdb Insights user interface.

Query interfaces

Queries can be performed using a REST interface, or interprocess communication. These APIs use common headers and return codes for reporting status.

REST interface

Query APIs

  • getData - Retrieve data from a table in kdb Insights.
  • getMeta - Retrieve query and aggregation metadata for all data in the system.
  • ping - Check the status of a Data Access Process.
  • qsql - Execute a qSQL query on a specific tier of a database.
  • sql - Execute an SQL query across a database.
  • sql2 - Execute an SQL2 query across a database.

Custom APIs

Deprecation Policy

Code that is marked as deprecated is subject to be removed in the next major release. Deprecated APIs will be maintained for all minor versions of a release but will print a warning indicating that they are deprecated. All deprecated APIs will indicate a path for upgrade in the relevant documentation. See the release notes for details on any deprecated or removed APIs