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KX Insights Platform Walkthrough

This is a hands on walkthrough for learning the basics to get up and running quickly with KX Insights Platform. The walkthrough covers:

  • Ingesting & Deploying Data
  • Reporting & Visualization

This has been designed to showcase the advantages of using the KX Insights Platform, and how easy it is to analyze massive data sets, and extract information to drive business decisions.

No kdb+ knowledge required as this walkthrough assumes no prior experience with q/kdb+

You will learn how to use the KX Insights Platform while attempting to solve the following challenge.


Over the last two years many companies have accelerated their digital transformation journey and maintained productivity through remote working practices. This means that today, as the world begins to recover, the need to return to the workplace has never been more questionable.

To that, KX wants to use the power of data to fully understand the implications and the triggers that cause employees to have elevated levels of anxiety.

These include:

  • Covid Fear
  • Cost of Commute
  • Ethical Concerns,
  • and Work Life Balance.

You will work with a team on the KX Insights Platform to build and visualize a solution that will promote a healthy attitude to returning to the office. Ultimately creating a dashboard that will provide an holistic view of the data, and allow employees to customize the data points to reflect the metrics most relevant to them.

Challenge Descriptions

challenge data transport data format
Weather Object Storage - Google Cloud Storage CSV
Subway Kafka JSON
Health SQL Database - PostgreSQL SQL
Crime kdb+ Expression Protocol Buffer
Final Challenge Building the Dashboard

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