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kdb Insights Microservices          

kdb Insights Microservices

An ecosystem of cloud-native microservices, built with kdb Insights

The microservices help developers

  • Add new function to existing kdb+ systems
  • Migrate legacy kdb+ components to the cloud
  • Develop new applications or microservices with composition and integration

Key Features

  Service Discovery A cloud-native, scalable registry which stores, manages and distributes running services and their metadata for all other services within the Microservice driven application.
  Stream Processor A high-performance, scalable event-stream processing system implemented in q.
  Database Provides a high-performance, fault tolerant database, with data tiers for performance based data aging.
  Reliable Transport A microarchitecture for ensuring the reliable streaming of messages.


OpenAPI specifications for all microservices, and a library for generating server stubs from an OpenAPI specification that uses our REST server library.