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Service Accounts

Service accounts are suitable for automated processes, e.g. CI/CD, scheduled tasks, scripting, etc., as their authentication tokens do not expire.

These accounts are limited to the following actions:

  • describe license (klic license describe ...)
  • license renewal (klic license renew ...)
  • fetch license asset (klic license fetch ...)
  • fetch accounting URL (klic accounting url)


Service accounts only work within the scope of the tenant they are created in

To create a service account you must be an 'owner' of the tenant to use the following. This will return the UUID for the new service account as well as the token type and access token:

klic serviceaccount create <TENANT-UUID> 'My Service Account'


The credential shown is only displayed at creation and you will not be able to recover it if you lose it.

To use the service account:


Other operations are:

  • list service accounts in a tenant:

    klic serviceaccount list <TENANT-UUID>

  • describe a service account:

    klic serviceaccount describe <SERVICEACCOUNT-UUID>

  • disable a service account:


You will be unable to re-enable it!

klic serviceaccount disable <SERVICEACCOUNT-UUID>