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kdb Insights Offers on Azure Marketplace

kdb Insights and kdb Insights Enterprise are available on the Azure Marketplace.

There are two types of public products available which are both MACC (Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment) eligible, meaning they contribute to your Azure consumption commitment benefit.

  • KX Managed kdb Insights Enterprise - this product consists of two offers. Follow the links for further details:

    • Managed kdb Insights Enterprise Deployment

      kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure Marketplace is deployed as a Managed Application. Resources and infrastructure spin up and the application is deployed within your provided subscription. KX will have access to the relevant resource groups and will be able to manage the application on your behalf. You can try before you buy and will have access to the KX licensed software for up to 30 days.

    • Managed kdb Insights Enterprise License

      Once you decide to buy the KX Managed kdb Insights Enterprise you must create and configure your account on our Billing offer in order to extend the license past the 30 day trial. You will be billed by Microsoft for the KX License fees via this transactable offer.

  • kdb Insights or kdb Insights Enterprise License

    This offer allows you to purchase a license for kdb Insights or kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure without the automatic deployment. Once a plan is purchased KX will reach out to you with download credentials and license details. This offer includes two different plans depending on your requirements:


    The plans in this offer are not KX Managed and they are only for use on Azure.