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kdb Insights Enterprise on Azure Marketplace

This page details the release notes for the latest series of kdb Insights Enterprise KX Managed App on Azure Marketplace releases. To find the release notes for an older release, refer to the previous releases page.


Release Date 2023/05/19

Please see the main release notes of kdb Insights Enterprise version 1.5.0.

New Features

[NEW] Improved stability

  • In this new marketplace version, the kdb Insights Enterprise core system components are hosted in the System Node Pool along with the Azure services. This means the User Node Pool can be sized specifically for your assembly and data workflow needs.
  • Your System Node Pool can remain stable while your User Node Pool can be dynamic.

Third party dependencies

The Azure Marketplace deployment of kdb Insights Enterprise takes care of the third party pre-requisites for you. The following versions are installed to your selected subscription as part of the marketplace deployment;

  1. cert-manager - 1.11.1
  2. nginx-ingress - 4.6.0
  3. rook-ceph - 1.11.2
  4. Azure Kubernetes Service - 1.26.3